Working with us

We attempt to grow a partnership between the Sub Sea Services and the individual based on clear expectations and a mutual commitment on how we deliver and develop.

When you work with us you don’t just see a small part of the solution, you actually take part in the whole process from the concept to the delivery stage.


What you can expect from us and what we expect from you

Sub Sea Services will:

  • Promote a stimulating working environment
  • Build a high-performing environment, and give direct feedback on your performance
  • Recognise and reward your performance based equally on what you deliver and how you behave
  • Value diversity and provide equal opportunities

You should:

  • Take initiative and continuously look for ways to improve performance
  • Take responsibility for your learning and development, continuously build new skills and share your knowledge
  • Respect and motivate each other, be a team player and create effective working relationships
  • Be proactive in ensuring high-quality decision making. Once a decision is made, promote the decision, and focus your energy on execution.

We do not accept any form of discrimination. 

Sub Sea Services’ reward policy is designed to attract, motivate and retain talented people, and our reward system is based on performance.

But to us at Sub Sea Services work-life balance is just as important, and we believe that being flexible is the key to attract and retain motivated employees. To support this we have flexible working policies. Which means, that our staff is able to balance their work and home lives effectively. Not only does this benefit our people but enables business areas to better focus and manage business performance. We also have recreational activities as well as a company cabin which can be used by staff and their families.