Sponsorship guidelines


These guidelines have been developed to assist those seeking sponsorship and support for projects in the community where Sub Sea Services operate. One of the main focuses for Sub Sea Services is to support children, youth and students in the local community, giving them the opportunity to develop their talents.

Sub Sea Services receives many sponsorship proposals, which unfortunately makes it difficult for us to accept every idea presented to us. Therefore we have outlined below a series of guidelines that will assist you in submitting a sponsorship proposal.



The below criteria is generally used to assess sponsorship applications:

  • It is our preference to support local and regional events in the Stavanger, Mongstad, Rio de Janerio or Kristiansund region regarding education, sports, science and culture. 
  • Applications seeking sponsorship should be lodged at least 3 months prior to the event and or the bequest 
  • Logo exposure is not the primary goal of sponsorship, but it is considered a bonus

Your sponsorship proposal should outline how it will meet at least three of the following requirements:

  • Provide exposure for Sub Sea Services in the local community
  • Provide cross-promotion opportunities
  • Provide media exposure, such as television, radio or print related to the promotion
  • Provide branding opportunities for Sub Sea Services


Standard information required in application:

To be considered, the proposal must include the following information:

  • Name of individual/ group / organization seeking sponsorship and brief background 
  • Name of event (if applicable) event date, loation and timeframe
  • Key details of the opportunity, including any market research that is relevant to the event, details of your target market
  • List of sponsors who have committed to date
  • A comprehensive list of commercial benefits, including how they relate to Sub Sea Services and our services
  • What sponsorship are you seeking


Specific exclusions:

Any proposal that is primarily aimed at the following would not be considered:

  • Any event that breaks the government's rules and regulations
  • Religious or political organizations
  • Infrastructure, buildings, administration and maintenance
  • We do not offer cash sponsorship


Process for consideration:

All proposals are reviewed by Sub Sea Services to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required to manage the bequest.

Proposals must be in written form and be addressed to:


Bernt Arne Breistein/ Julie Vold Krause

Sub Sea Services AS

Finnestadsvingen 24

4029 Stavanger

Phone: (47) 518 395 30



Where possible, the applicant is notified of the outlook of the proposal within 14 days.