Riser & bolt inspection

Sub Sea Services offer Marine Riser Inspection and Repair services world wide. Right now we are finishing up a job performed in Florø, Norway. The riseres were 75ft long with buoyancies.

The scope of work included corrosion mapping of main bore and the auxilliary lines as well as TOFD & PESW UT examination of the main joint weld.

We conducted the job using our Automated Inspection Tool using Helica WT Scanning and Inspecion. In addtion we performed an riser bolt inspection of 540 bolts to inspect for bolt thread damage.

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Phased array bolt inspection offshore brazil

Sub Sea Services are now offering phased array bolt inspection in Brazil.

The service is part of our expanding portfolio of services that we can provide offshore on drilling vessels.


Riser maintenance - Baku Azerbajan

Sub Sea Services will complete an urgent modification job in Baku, Azerbajan today.

A customer contacted us needing urgent assistance with a pup joint that needed to be modified in order to suit their needs. A crew from our Kristiansund department travelled down on one day´s notice to meet the client´s demand.

Sub Sea Services sponser idrettskole

Sub Sea Services sponset denne kjekke gjengen som deltok på #idrettsskole i #Rennesøyhallen i helgen! På programmet var hurtighet, styrke, utholdenhet, spenst, innebandy & fotball!

Product development at Sub Sea Services

Sub Sea Services have worked hard to integrate our CAD systems into our CRM and other supporting systems in order to create an effective product development workflow.

Alt starter med CAD-programvare

Produktene Sub Sea Services jobber med starter alltid med en CAD-tegning laget av designerne i Autodesk Inventor. Når delene er tegnet, sendes disse direkte fra Inventor til AX-databasen. Der blir selve tegningen grunnlaget for kostnadskalkyler, slik at produktet kan prises rett. Innkjøpsavdelingen henter så ut den samme CAD-tegningen som grunnlag for hvilke komponenter de må kjøpe inn.

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HPE swivels ordered by one of the world´s biggest drilling contractors

Despite the harsh times in the oil industry, Sub Sea Services can celebrate a recent order win for a large quantity of its patented High Pressure Equalized Swivels.

“This win is very important for us,” says Pedro Alcântara Nunes Neto, Head of Global Sales. “It shows that despite an overall unwillingness for the market to invest in new equipment, there is a continuous interest in Sub Sea Service´s products. The customer has even stated that they are intending to upgrade the whole fleet with SSS HPE swivels.”

The swivel is designed to reduce stress in coflex hoses caused by rig movement in operation.

“If the hoses move too much during operation it could result in wear, fatigue, reduced working life and in worst case scenario a failure,” says Jostein Kvamme, Chief Technical Officer. “Our swivel is pressure compensated and rotate continuously in both directions at full working pressure.”

Sub Sea Services have delivered over 600 HPE swivels to customers around the world.

“The patented high pressure equalized swivel has shown outstanding efficiency and operational effectiveness which has ensured worldwide adaption for hydraulic systems,” explains mr Alcântara Nunes Neto. “Many of the major drilling companies have already switched to our HPE Swivel, as it was designed for harsh conditions and is field proven for all conditions.”

Sub Sea Services have 28 different types of Swivels in its current portfolio. The type of Swivels mainly differentiates in terms of end connection, material and pressure ratings. The traditional Swivel range from 2 1/16 to 4 1/16 in size with MWP rated from 5.000 to 20.000 psi.

“Recently we have seen an increased interest from our customers to also use the HPE swivel at other locations on the rig, such for MPD end connections and active tensioner cylinders” says mr Kvamme. “This is because the swivels does not have any empty dry areas which eliminates the effect of hydrostatic pressure subsea.”

If you would like to know more about our HPE Swivels please contact our sales department:

Workshop container - Sub Sea Services

Workshop container – getting ready for the next project

One of Sub Sea Services´ mobile workshop containers just returned to our Stavanger headquarters after completion of service projects in Cape Town, Malta, Palermo and Las Palmas.

“Due to the current market push, we needed to show flexibility in the delivery of maintenance and service of our OEM equipment such as ROPS systems, Manual Gooseneck Systems and High Pressure Equalized Swivels,” said Lene S. Dørum, Project Coordinator for International Operations. “Our customers push for time and cost savings and we achieve this by avoiding the transport of the equipment back to the OEM facilities in Stavanger, Norway.”

Responding to this market push, and in our effort to get even closer to our customers, Sub Sea Services developed its mobile workshop containers concept a few years ago and it has proven to be a successful investment.

The workshop containers have been an instrumental tool in overhauling and 5-year re-classing equipment at remote sites. It contains all the critical equipment for the field service engineers to complete the recertification project or service job from any location.

“We have had our international teams from both Brazil and Norway deliver the full 5 year classification project scopes. It included the inspection, but also includes the repair phase, replacement of parts, welding, heat treatment, pressure testing, etc.” said Dørum.

A typical project is sold by our Stavanger office and operated by our international operations department. The workshop container is sent ahead of the inspection personnel.

Inspection takes place on site by our field engineers and the inspection reports are forwarded back to the engineering department in Stavanger for evaluation and technical review. The procurement department source and produce parts that are sent to the reclassification location ahead of the repair specialists.

While in Stavanger the  workshop container will be prepared for its next service job, most likely at the end of the summer in Azerbaijan.

Kristiansund gearing up - Sub Sea Services

Kristiansund gearing up to become the preferred storage and preservation location for capital drilling equipment

Sub Sea Services Kristiansund received a batch of over 100 marine risers for storage and preservation today.

The shipment was sent from a rig that has been operating in international waters but will be “cold-stacked” until further notice.

“We have been working closely with this drilling contractor for years”, said Even Bakkemyr, Sub Sea Services Site Manager. “The contractor has chosen to use us as a centralized storage facility as we are able to ensure the equipment is operational within a short time frame.”

He further explain that the contractor has another rig in the area, which can use the equipment interchangeably, which cuts down operational and maintenance costs.

“We are positioning ourselves as a strategic partner to the drilling contractors as we have direct quay side access and large storage space available which enables us to keep whole stacks in one location,” said Bakkemyr. “Large storage space, modern facilities and ability to make the equipment ready for operation is a winning combination.”

With its 12 700 dwt the vessel that transported the risers from the Falklands was the biggest vessel docking at Sub Sea Services Kristiansund.

If you are looking for storage and preservation solutions for your equipment please contact our sales department: