Sub Sea Services AS has been awarded a contract for a Guided Gooseneck Assembly (GGA) incorporated into a Flow Spool.

Sub Sea Services AS has been awarded a contract for a Guided Gooseneck Assembly (GGA) incorporated into a Flow Spool.

Sub Sea Services A/S are pleased to announce the contract award for a Guided Gooseneck Assembly (GGA) incorporated into a Flow Spool.

This delivery also includes Drilling Riser Crossover to suit existing rig inventory.

We will incorporate turnkey assembly and testing to the Annular Isolation Device/Rotating Control Device, ensuring full functionality of the finished components.

The GGA Flowlines can be placed into position without the need of manual hammer up tooling, promoting safe and lowest reasonably practicable hands free operations.

A cost effective, reliable, field proven design, which can be installed in under 10 minutes per Gooseneck in the moonpool, limiting on line rig time.

Delivery is Q1 2022.









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Sub Sea Services has completed delivery of a Telescopic Joint to Equinor Visund, Semi-Submersible Drilling and Production Facility working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Archer, a global oil service company, identified Sub Sea Services as the preferred vendor to supply replacement for the existing Telescopic Joint that had reached the end of its serviceable life.

A prerequisite for the delivery was that the Telescopic Joint could interface with all existing equipment, for plug and play compatibility, with no offshore modifications needed.

The new product meet all the latest API standards including 20E bolting, DNV-GL and customer requested specifications.

Sub Sea Services has executed the whole project from offshore survey, via fabrication, to testing and painting using in-house resources. Having all the engineering, fabrication, welding, machining and workshop capabilities internally, allows Sub Sea Services to optimize the delivery time and ensure the quality of the product.

We are very proud to add a new product to our OEM portfolio. The delivery of a complete Telescopic Joint demonstrates that Sub Sea Services is able to take on larger and more complex tasks than before. It is important for us to continue to evolve in line with the market and our customers’ needs. I am pleased to see that our clients value our integrity, expertise and ability to deliver that we have refined over 30 years in the oil and gas business, says CEO Bernt Arne Breistein.






Sub Sea Services AS has been awarded a 20 Mill contract

Sub Sea Services AS has been awarded a 20 Mill NOK contract from a major Drilling Contractor.

This is an EPC contract for a special Termination joint product for a Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system.

Delivery is in the quarter of 2019 and the equipment will be operational in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM)
from early 2020.

“We are pleased to see that Sub Sea Services is being awarded this contract for the GOM. It is of strategic importance
to be successful in the GOM market.
We have a strong ambition to be recognized as a global vendor and this contract award is a confirmation
for us that we are getting there”
states CEO; Bernt Arne Breistein

The Termination joint ensures that the MPD technology is integrated with the rig equipment in an operational and efficient manner.

Our ability to deliver equipment for both enhancing technology and rig efficiency will always be our key selling point.

“As an OEM company we have a strong product portfolio and together with our engineering competence, this gives us the track record needed to be the chosen vendor” states COO; Jostein Kvamme.

The service and the aftermarket for this equipment, will be run by our international travel team utilizing our international operation concept.

The contract will utilize the Sub Sea Services’ fabrication site and also give substantial work to Rush Maskinering AS.




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ROPS & HPE Swivel Commissioning completed on New Build in South Korea

As most of us were unwrapping presents, Sub Sea Services´ field engineers spent Christmas in South Korea on a Commissioning assignment.

Sub Sea Services just completed commissioning of a Remote Operated Pull-in System (ROPS) on a semi submersible rig located at the Samsung yard in Geoje,  South Korea.

The EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) of the ROPS system was completed at Sub Sea Services´ Stavanger site and shipped to South Korea for Installation and Commissioning.

Commissioning went according to plan. The Semi Sub rig is en-route Norway where it will commence drilling on a 2+2 year contract.



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Fabrication RIG equipment


Sub Sea Services have been awarded a 20+ MNOK contract from a major Drilling Contractor for fabrication of drilling products with delivery 2.nd quarter 2019. 

The drilling equipment will be delivered to a harsh environment dynamically positioned semi submersible drilling, completion and workover vessel. 

“This is an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contract that we have been hunting for several months and finally secured the contract,” states Chief Commercial Officer Jostein Kvamme. “This contract award clearly show our capability as a strong vendor in this market segment.”

Sub Sea Services have a portfolio of over 50 products and have made a wide range of specialty drilling equipment. Since the downturn in the oil industry, traditional IMR contracts have reduced but the SSS OEM products and service have secured work in a scant market.   

“As an OEM company, we have a strong product portfolio which give us an excellent position ahead,” states CCO  Jostein Kvamme.

Chief Executive Officer, Bernt Arne Breistein agrees with Mr. Kvamme. 

“Finally, the drilling market is showing signs of recovery and we believe that the willingness to invest in new products is returning,” states Breistein. “We believe that we will be in a good position when then market finally picks up. Our ability to deliver equipment both enhancing technology and rig efficiency have been and is our key selling point.”

The contract will utilize our fabrication sites in Kristiansund and Stavanger, and also use Rush Machining Tau and Jørpeland in order to deliver this large project on a short delivery schedule. 



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Strengthened fabrication with acquisition

Strengthened fabrication ability with acquisition

The oil and gas industry has gone through a significant transformation over the past years, largely driven by a focus on reducing overall cost levels. 

Sub Sea Services have committed significant resources to optimize the utilization of equipment, tools and processes to have smarter production within group of companies. 

With the acquisition of IKM Machining Tau, we get more in-house capacity and increased capabilities within the group. IKM Maskinering Tau join forces with Rush Machining and we believe that the synergies between the companies will ensure that both companies increase competitiveness and attractiveness in a competitive market. 

“By adding IKM Maching Tau to Rush Machining, we will utilize this to offer Sub Sea Services´ clients a larger portfolio of smart deliveries now as we see the market is coming back. The ambition for the two companies now forming “new” Rush Machining is to strengthen the offering within this growth-market, says Chief Executive Officer, Bernt Arne Breistein.

New Rush Machining will target structural fabrication projects of typical drilling riser tools such as Tension Rings, Riser Spiders and Telescopic joints. 

“Equipped with large modern machine inventory like the High-performance Boring-Mill from Lazzati and FPT Ronin Turning-Mill, Sub Sea Services will now target fabrication packages from larger equipment manufacture companies” says Chief Commercial Officer, Jostein Kvamme.

In parallel, Rush Machining will continue to execute and strengthen international Frame Agreements for down-hole tool fabrication for major oil service companies. Through synergies we will aim to widen the portfolio of products and services we deliver to current and new customers.

Sub Sea Services´strenght is to work with our customers to identify where they are having operational efficiency issues on their rig or operations. Our engineers then develop a solution. Through close collaboration with Rush Machining we are able to come up with cost efficient solutions with a short delivery time.

“We will continue to be vendor in R&D projects where large subsea prototype equipment is developed, and now we have a Deepwater Quayside location as IKM is in close proximity to Nordmarka Quay Tau and the long track-record of the companies we will be a good match for anyone looking for a partner,” states Jostein Kvamme.


For questions or inquiries, please contact our sales department.

ROPS Drillmax


Sub Sea Services has been awarded the contract to deliver a ROPS Termination joint for one Ultra Deepwater Drill ship.

The drillship has been awarded a drilling contract in Africa. 

The system will be fitted into a riser 3,5 Mill Lbs. riser system and ensure efficient handling of all five moonpool drape hoses.

"We will deliver the Remote Operated Pull-in System (ROPS) termination joint with a DNV Product Certification based on our detail design package," states Engineering Team Lead, Alexander Iversen.

The complete design and fabrication work will be carried out at Sub Sea Services´ Stavanger facility and is scheduled for delivery 1st quarter 2019.

"This delivery is important for SSS and clearly prove our ROPS product is of great interest," states Chief Commercial Officer, Jostein Kvamme. "The order can be seen as a potential turning point in an industry that have been through some challenging years."

Sub Sea Services have seen an increase in interest for the ROPS the last few months, with a lot of active quotes in the market.

"The fact that we are able to service our customers remotely, anywhere in the world, with our experienced aftermarket team ensures a world wide market for our product," Kvamme adds.


Read more about our ROPS system here


Riser & bolt inspection

Sub Sea Services offer Marine Riser Inspection and Repair services world wide. Right now we are finishing up a job performed in Florø, Norway. The riseres were 75ft long with buoyancies.

The scope of work included corrosion mapping of main bore and the auxilliary lines as well as TOFD & PESW UT examination of the main joint weld.

We conducted the job using our Automated Inspection Tool using Helica WT Scanning and Inspecion. In addtion we performed an riser bolt inspection of 540 bolts to inspect for bolt thread damage.

Would you like to discuss your project please contact us post @

Phased array bolt inspection offshore brazil

Sub Sea Services are now offering phased array bolt inspection in Brazil.

The service is part of our expanding portfolio of services that we can provide offshore on drilling vessels.


Riser maintenance - Baku Azerbajan

Sub Sea Services will complete an urgent modification job in Baku, Azerbajan today.

A customer contacted us needing urgent assistance with a pup joint that needed to be modified in order to suit their needs. A crew from our Kristiansund department travelled down on one day´s notice to meet the client´s demand.