International reach, competence across industries.

ACERDO is an international industrial holding company that delivers reliable, niche solutions for complex operations for the energy sector, aquaculture, oil & gas and R&D industry.

Acerdo - Sub Sea Services

About Acerdo

Acerdo was founded in 2016 as a result of increased need to consolidate and centralize. Acerdo takes active ownership of its holding companies, and focus on long term value creation through a diversified portfolio of holdings.

Our head office is located in Stavanger, Norway, where the industrial venture started in 1989. Through sustained growth and good results what started as Sub Sea Services have diversified and grown into Acerdo.

Acerdo operates with a shared service center to reduce cost, optimize mangement and increase competitiveness of the Acerdo companies.

Corporate Governance

Acerdo’s executives provide the leadership to the different holding company’s management teams.

Sub Sea Services’ management operate under the umbrella of a mandate which determine their responsibilities and accountabilities, and as well specifies the instrumental independence to achieve their corporate targets.

Company objectives are approved by Acerdo every October and reviewed systematically through the different key performance indicators. Corporate targets with regards to Top line and bottom line are revisited quarterly.

"We develop our portfolio of companies focusing on the long term and on continuous results improvement. Our focus is “Competence across industries."

Bernt Arne Breistein, ACERDO CEO