HPE swivels ordered by one of the world´s biggest drilling contractors

Despite the harsh times in the oil industry, Sub Sea Services can celebrate a recent order win for a large quantity of its patented High Pressure Equalized Swivels.

“This win is very important for us,” says Pedro Alcântara Nunes Neto, Head of Global Sales. “It shows that despite an overall unwillingness for the market to invest in new equipment, there is a continuous interest in Sub Sea Service´s products. The customer has even stated that they are intending to upgrade the whole fleet with SSS HPE swivels.”

The swivel is designed to reduce stress in coflex hoses caused by rig movement in operation.

“If the hoses move too much during operation it could result in wear, fatigue, reduced working life and in worst case scenario a failure,” says Jostein Kvamme, Chief Technical Officer. “Our swivel is pressure compensated and rotate continuously in both directions at full working pressure.”

Sub Sea Services have delivered over 600 HPE swivels to customers around the world.

“The patented high pressure equalized swivel has shown outstanding efficiency and operational effectiveness which has ensured worldwide adaption for hydraulic systems,” explains mr Alcântara Nunes Neto. “Many of the major drilling companies have already switched to our HPE Swivel, as it was designed for harsh conditions and is field proven for all conditions.”

Sub Sea Services have 28 different types of Swivels in its current portfolio. The type of Swivels mainly differentiates in terms of end connection, material and pressure ratings. The traditional Swivel range from 2 1/16 to 4 1/16 in size with MWP rated from 5.000 to 20.000 psi.

“Recently we have seen an increased interest from our customers to also use the HPE swivel at other locations on the rig, such for MPD end connections and active tensioner cylinders” says mr Kvamme. “This is because the swivels does not have any empty dry areas which eliminates the effect of hydrostatic pressure subsea.”

If you would like to know more about our HPE Swivels please contact our sales department: