Kristiansund gearing up to become the preferred storage and preservation location for capital drilling equipment

Sub Sea Services Kristiansund received a batch of over 100 marine risers for storage and preservation today.

The shipment was sent from a rig that has been operating in international waters but will be “cold-stacked” until further notice.

“We have been working closely with this drilling contractor for years”, said Even Bakkemyr, Sub Sea Services Site Manager. “The contractor has chosen to use us as a centralized storage facility as we are able to ensure the equipment is operational within a short time frame.”

He further explain that the contractor has another rig in the area, which can use the equipment interchangeably, which cuts down operational and maintenance costs.

“We are positioning ourselves as a strategic partner to the drilling contractors as we have direct quay side access and large storage space available which enables us to keep whole stacks in one location,” said Bakkemyr. “Large storage space, modern facilities and ability to make the equipment ready for operation is a winning combination.”

With its 12 700 dwt the vessel that transported the risers from the Falklands was the biggest vessel docking at Sub Sea Services Kristiansund.

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