Strengthened fabrication ability with acquisition

The oil and gas industry has gone through a significant transformation over the past years, largely driven by a focus on reducing overall cost levels. 

Sub Sea Services have committed significant resources to optimize the utilization of equipment, tools and processes to have smarter production within group of companies. 

With the acquisition of IKM Machining Tau, we get more in-house capacity and increased capabilities within the group. IKM Maskinering Tau join forces with Rush Machining and we believe that the synergies between the companies will ensure that both companies increase competitiveness and attractiveness in a competitive market. 

“By adding IKM Maching Tau to Rush Machining, we will utilize this to offer Sub Sea Services´ clients a larger portfolio of smart deliveries now as we see the market is coming back. The ambition for the two companies now forming “new” Rush Machining is to strengthen the offering within this growth-market, says Chief Executive Officer, Bernt Arne Breistein.

New Rush Machining will target structural fabrication projects of typical drilling riser tools such as Tension Rings, Riser Spiders and Telescopic joints. 

“Equipped with large modern machine inventory like the High-performance Boring-Mill from Lazzati and FPT Ronin Turning-Mill, Sub Sea Services will now target fabrication packages from larger equipment manufacture companies” says Chief Commercial Officer, Jostein Kvamme.

In parallel, Rush Machining will continue to execute and strengthen international Frame Agreements for down-hole tool fabrication for major oil service companies. Through synergies we will aim to widen the portfolio of products and services we deliver to current and new customers.

Sub Sea Services´strenght is to work with our customers to identify where they are having operational efficiency issues on their rig or operations. Our engineers then develop a solution. Through close collaboration with Rush Machining we are able to come up with cost efficient solutions with a short delivery time.

“We will continue to be vendor in R&D projects where large subsea prototype equipment is developed, and now we have a Deepwater Quayside location as IKM is in close proximity to Nordmarka Quay Tau and the long track-record of the companies we will be a good match for anyone looking for a partner,” states Jostein Kvamme.


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