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Sub Sea Services is a full-service R&D, Engineering, production, and IMR provider to drilling and oil & gas companies worldwide. Using our capabilities and in-house expertise, we perform recertification and reclassification work on all capital drilling equipment from rig floor to BOP.

Stavanger is home to our engineering – fabrication – production and equipment recertification facility.

Kristiansund is our quay side Riser Management facility. Our facilities offer integrated services from quay side loading and unloading, riser storage, buoyancy repair, full NORSOK M-501 surface treatment, inspection, repair, and testing.

Macaé is the offshore inspection hub for the company. Offering both full offshore inspection capabilities via our automated inspection tool packages and onshore IMR telescopic joint recertification.

For us to reach our clients throughout the world, we began in 2013 with our fleet of Equipment Container Workshops, which allows us the ability to carry out recertification and repair work no matter how remote the site is. The workshop containers contain all necessary equipment for disassembly, inspection, testing, weld repair, buoyancy repair and assembly.

"Our fleet of Equipment Container Workshops allow us to carry out recertification and repair work no matter how remote the site is."

– Bruno Acioli – Technical Manager / International Operations

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We can deliver full service repair and modification on all major capital drilling equipment, from diverter to BOP.


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