Workshop container – getting ready for the next project

One of Sub Sea Services´ mobile workshop containers just returned to our Stavanger headquarters after completion of service projects in Cape Town, Malta, Palermo and Las Palmas.

“Due to the current market push, we needed to show flexibility in the delivery of maintenance and service of our OEM equipment such as ROPS systems, Manual Gooseneck Systems and High Pressure Equalized Swivels,” said Lene S. Dørum, Project Coordinator for International Operations. “Our customers push for time and cost savings and we achieve this by avoiding the transport of the equipment back to the OEM facilities in Stavanger, Norway.”

Responding to this market push, and in our effort to get even closer to our customers, Sub Sea Services developed its mobile workshop containers concept a few years ago and it has proven to be a successful investment.

The workshop containers have been an instrumental tool in overhauling and 5-year re-classing equipment at remote sites. It contains all the critical equipment for the field service engineers to complete the recertification project or service job from any location.

“We have had our international teams from both Brazil and Norway deliver the full 5 year classification project scopes. It included the inspection, but also includes the repair phase, replacement of parts, welding, heat treatment, pressure testing, etc.” said Dørum.

A typical project is sold by our Stavanger office and operated by our international operations department. The workshop container is sent ahead of the inspection personnel.

Inspection takes place on site by our field engineers and the inspection reports are forwarded back to the engineering department in Stavanger for evaluation and technical review. The procurement department source and produce parts that are sent to the reclassification location ahead of the repair specialists.

While in Stavanger the  workshop container will be prepared for its next service job, most likely at the end of the summer in Azerbaijan.