We are looking for intelligent and inspired people.

We are looking for intelligent and inspired people, willing to help us structure our company for customers which are looking for new ways of doing things in a highly competitive market. Our industry has changed and as we adapt we are already planning for what will be the next challenge. Are you willing to help us find new ideas to cope with the new market demands? Can you help us develop products, services and solutions for the industry of tomorrow?

Anna Nilsen - Sub Sea Services

Anna Nilsen

With more than 8 years of experience from recruiting and talent development, Anna advises Sub Sea Services’ HR management on finding candidates which are aligned with our growth strategy.

Sub Sea Services is an entirely integrated product and service company, with project management and production divisions. As such, to deliver our “think” and “do” strategy we need people with the most varied skills and degrees, ranging from Business Development, Project Management, Engineering & Design, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources and HSEQ.

Our workshops are run by skilled inspectors, mechanics, welders, painters, quality assurance, safety and logistics personnel.

"To deliver our growth strategy we need people with different backgrounds, open-minded and creative thinkers."

Anna Nilsen, HR Manager


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