Leading-edge industrial technology tailor made to support the offshore industry world wide.

Shear Boost System

Our trigger system increases operating pressure and ensure dedicated volume needed when cutting casing and drill pipe in the event of an emergency.

Acoustic Valve Package

The AVP communicates with the surface via the Acoustic Control Unit. This control system can be anywhere on the rig, or any other suitable platform

Mud Recovery & Packer Monitoring System

Preventive system that collects mud overspill and gives an early detection in case of packer wear or failure. The system combines circulation, monitoring and lubrication

Auxiliary End Connections

End connections for all riser types produced and tested within our value chain. The superiority is due to our in-house production process.

Guided Gooseneck System

A new, safer and more efficient Gooseneck connection system. The guide-in design makes the coupling safe with low risk of damage to the equipment itself.

Quick Stab Connectors

A quick link between pressurized hose and pipe. Flange or Hub coupling connection between any fixed line and umbilical line which can be disconnected by

High Pressure Equalized Swivel

Our drape hose swivel secures a highly cost-effective and safe operation. The outstanding efficiency and operational effectiveness has ensured worldwide adaption of our High Pressure


A revolutionary hydraulically automated gooseneck connection. No man-riding necessary! According to our customers there is no alternative to the ROPS system in terms of efficiency

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