We are a solution-oriented partner. Here you find some of our latest solutions delivered to market.

Subsea template modification

Due to challenges in the maintenance and possible replacement tied to a custom built BOP, we can design, produce and commission, modified templates and spool adapter allowing for a typical drilling BOP to be installed to the subsea wellhead template.

MPD Interface and Modifications

We can modify riser strings for the interface to MPD systems, as well as deliver a complete riser interface joint to serve as connection point between the original string and the MPD connection.

Riser running tool modification

Upgrade the running tool by applying overlay (hard facing) on the moving parts – Piston, Housing and Cylinder. Doing so, we avoid future material clash from these parts mating, resulting in tool failure.

BOP jump tool

To allow moving the BOP between wells without stacking back equipment

Male Pod

Production of obsolete male pod based on original equipment, a new pod can be modelled and modified in super duplex material, avoiding chrome deterioration on the standard design.

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