Mud Recovery & Packer Monitoring System

Preventive system that collects mud overspill and gives an early detection in case of packer wear or failure. The system combines circulation, monitoring and lubrication to keep a continuous control of the drilling fluid discharges from the Packer System and the life circle condition of the packer element.

    Skid Unit

    The Skid Unit, stationed on the Rig floor, is fitted with a dedicated circulation pump and a separate water tank. This pump circulates cooling water through a nozzle lubrication ring over the packer system. All excess fluid runs through the MSP System, keeping constant circulation and flow of lubrication through the system. As long as there are no large discharges, increasing the system volume, the circulating system runs continuously for constant packer and inner barrel lubrication and cooling. If required dedicated fluids of anti-freeze/glycol can be added through a separate water tank.

    When there is a discharge of drilling fluids or mud, from the Packer System, either due to wear or failure of the packer, the overspill is collected in the MSP Collector Tank. The Collector Tank is fitted with two or more Mud Levels Sensors that continuously monitor the level of the fluids in the tank. Together with the level sensors in the settling tank (on the Skid Unit), they monitor the total volume of fluids in the system. The system has a pre-defined system volume or level in the collector tank and when reached, an alarm and warning light is displayed on the monitoring panel on both the skid and the Driller Control Room, warning about the discharge.

    Packer Monitoring System

    Is a control system for the Slip Joint Packer in Marine Riser Operations. It is designed to monitor packer functionality and to five early warning on the rig in the event of a failure, or operational problem. The system will automatically switch to standby packers when a problem is detected.

    It works together with the Diverter Packer System, and can be set up to control this and also other warning system for best security.

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