End connections for all riser types produced and tested within our value chain.

Male stabs delivered with laser clad tungsten carbide overlay using a DNV approved brazing procedure & qualification. Female stabs delivered with Inconel 625 inlay.

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  • Production
    • C/K and Booster Female Stab (Box)
      • 625 Inconel inlay – corrosion resistance stainless material with hardness equivalent to 300 HB.  Due to the Inconel properties, boxes can be repaired without the need of any heat treatment.
    • C/K, and Booster Male Stab (Pin)
      • Overlay hardness equivalent to 650 HB (superior to the Colmonoy #5 which is the industry standard for this type of product)
      • Application via HVOF and robotic laser – Tungsten carbide applied onto the pin by high velocity oxygen fuel.  The Tungsten carbide is then bound by a heat controlled laser melting the overlay into the base material, not affecting the base material properties.  This LCWC hard face is an overlay that will not crack / flake off the base material.
    • Hydraulic Male Stab (Pin)
      • Same process applies to the hydraulic pin without the use of laser fusion.

The superiority is due to our in-house production process.

For questions or inquiries, please contact our sales department.

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