A revolutionary hydraulically automated gooseneck connection. No man-riding necessary! According to our customers there is no alternative to the ROPS system in terms of efficiency and improved safety operations.

Avoiding the use of man-riding in the moon pool area and decreasing connection time to an average of 1 hour. Sub Sea ServicesĀ“ Remotely Operated Pull-in System (ROPS) is a revolutionary product, which connects the peripheral control lines from the marine drilling riser to the rig coflex hoses. This unique hydraulic system, which requires no man-riding, is easy to operate and provides efficient connection and disconnection.

The design is easy to operate and manage through our uniquely designed moonpool house terminal that makes the operation more efficient and controlled.

All the prefabrication of the main components are done in-house which means that the modification operation is quick and easy and in most cases is completed within 6-8 months.

All system safety components are highly protected and in case of a potential hydraulic failure the system can be manually overridden.

Our design ensures stability and guidance of auxiliary lines and our design verification is according to NPD Regulations, DNV Offshore Standard (DNV-OS-E101) and API 16Q.

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